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Vacuum Controller
Vacuum Controller VC-5000
Connected with a vacuum controller, the ideal vacuum level can be obtained.
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Brief Introduction

When vacuum degree is not appropriate, the reagent will boil up and can not be fully recovered. When an automatic vacuum controller  is connected with rotary evaporators, ideal vacuum level can be obtained inside the rotary evaporator. Especially for the concentration of volatile reagent, the optimal recovery rate can be obtained. During vacuum distillation, operator controls rotary knob to regulate vacuum degree, and then reagent is extracted step by step, which makes the experiment more convenient and simple. It can also be used with vacuum drying ovens and reactors.


1. Imported main accessories with high control precision and corrosion resistance.

2. Large color LCD touch screen can show vacuum measurement value and set vacuum value.

3. Designed with one button release vacuum function, inert gas can be replaced by a vacuum controller.

4. Suitable for different types of rotary evaporators.

5. Three types of vacuum units can be easily changed.  (KPA, mbar, mmhg ).


6. Can start and close vacuum pump to carry out 5-stage gradient program control.

7. Knob key can regulate vacuum degree. It is easy to operate.