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Vacuum Suction Filter
50L Chemical Vacuum Filter VF-50
Vacuum suction filter is also know as vacuum filter, and it is mainly used for solid-liquid separation.
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Brief Introduction

Vacuum suction filter is also know as vacuum filter, according to the actual needs of the  majority of bio pharmaceutical development companies, it is the derivative product on the basis of the existing single-layer glass reactor, mainly used for solid-liquid separation products. It can also be used for reaction at room temperature. With superior performance, it received consistent favourable comment from experts and professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the users of new drug research and development. It acquires wide use at present. 


1. The 3.3 high borosilicate glass suction flask has excellent chemical and physical properties

2. Stainless steel buchner funnel has excellent physical and chemical properties.

3. PTFE Zero dead space draining valve can be disassembled. It is convenient to remove the solid materials.

4. The whole machine has perfect sealing performance, under static state negative pressure can reach 0.095MPa.

5. The structure of the whole machine is scientific, visual features, practical and innovative.

6. Equipped with lockable casters.