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What are the operation skills of single and double glass reactors


The single and double glass reactor is widely used as an ideal equipment in the synthesis experiment of new biochemical materials. What are the operation skills of single and double glass reactors?

  1. In the reaction of different media in the glass reactor, it is necessary to first check whether the medium has corrosion on the main material.

  Special orders are required for severe instantaneous reaction, large amount of gas or high-temperature flammable and explosive chemical reactions, and severe corrosion of stainless steel by high pressure, high temperature or medium containing chloride ions and fluorine ions.

  Except that the kettle body and jacket of glass reactor are transparent glass, others are stainless steel or other metal materials;

  2. When loading the reaction medium, it should not exceed 2 / 3 liquid level of the reactor body;

  3. Do not disassemble under pressure when working or at the end of work! It is forbidden to work under the condition of overpressure and overtemperature;

  4. When heating the jacket heat transfer oil, pay attention not to mix water or other liquids into the heat transfer oil, and check the oil level of the heat transfer oil irregularly;

  5. If there is abnormal sound inside the isolation sleeve during operation, stop the machine for pressure relief and check whether the mixing system is abnormal. Regularly check the swing of the mixing shaft. If the swing is too large, replace the bearing or sliding shaft sleeve in time;

  6. Connect the corresponding voltage according to the use voltage of the controller, single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, do not connect the fire line and the zero line of the controller in reverse; do not implement wiring work in power transmission to prevent electric shock!

  In order to ensure the normal operation of the controller and the personal safety of the staff, please connect the ground wire! The controller itself is not explosion-proof, so it should avoid flammable and explosive environment such as oil and gas;

  7. When the temperature of the double-layer glass is not determined, it is not allowed to change the set temperature of the double-layer glass in the process of heating.